I like being under water and watching undersea life ,plants,fish which takes me away from all of the daily thoughts,concerns,challenges.It's a pity to observe that under sea life has dramatically worsen in the past two decade.Sea water clarity is one of the concrete evidence.I am sure many of aware that beach are more filled with empty beer cans,plastic water bottles, crisp packets.I might have been satisfied if only humankind ignorance had been limited with such examples. However greedy humankind wanted to get more and more without any concern about other creatures life and pollution on earth.Many of these creatures which they are now absent or very rare cause they and their enviroment have been terminated by humankind.Here I won't go further for giving countless other examples but this summer I become an eyewitness of another weird approach of humankind.
Referring to my observation a mentally poor, financialy rich man has built an aquarium wall to his garden's border with full of varity of Mediterranean fish.Although diminishing fish population and other underwater animals ,the sea is the only freedom.However here again maybe the person who supposes himself as enviromental friendly and thoughtfull to bring varity of fish to full his own aquarium.During my visit to see that horrible display I've met with security guard of the aquarium and I've learned that the owner was not enviromental friendly as I thought instead he has been ordering attendants to catch and cook for him and the guests for dinner.What should we say to such people? Should we applause them or should we condemn? I let you weigh in your scale to decide.
My only wish people to wake up before gets to late...


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