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There are circumstances which we have now or there will be comparable with the current.None of us or maybe very few of us have well structured,planned, designed and ensured happy life and zero devitaion till the end of it.
However although the fact of life majority of us have an incredible & amazing ability to adapt ourselves the situation that we are in.
This is good and there is also bit down side of it.Cause our mind have also standart process to make immediate transation by archieving the previous things that we lived.
Here at this point there is a critical path which we need to be concious about it. If we had learned our lessons from previous although there is an archieve to search again.
In the junction of this ideas and thoughts ; one might want to keep his/her mind free, without being part of the life's struggles and keeps watching like; '' Dur bakalım ne olcek '' ''Let's see what's gonna happen '' or an other doesn't wan…


World is changing and communication is the key for understanding each other.Language is deciphering a code that has given by other person.So millions of exercise among the grey cells of brain ..
From face to face communication to today's remote interaction; I don't know which one is more sincere and truly humanist way but one thing I am well aware that people are much more open while their hands on the keyboard.
Where are we up to ? It has clear cut answer;we are now in an era of communication. Time is money and so precious so either for joy or business the way we prefer now is social media,digital technology driven gadgets for to be in touch with someone.
Looking for holiday or seeking a fancy restaurant or an hospital near by ;our demand is great and doubling,tripling and it is varying.Users have variety of need to be informed about the product or service they demand.To be able to inhale the scent of sea shore where you want to be,the table to be seated and waitress to be serv…