There are circumstances which we have now or there will be comparable with the current.None of us or maybe very few of us have well structured,planned, designed and ensured happy life and zero devitaion till the end of it.
However although the fact of life majority of us have an incredible & amazing ability to adapt ourselves the situation that we are in.
This is good and there is also bit down side of it.Cause our mind have also standart process to make immediate transation by archieving the previous things that we lived.
Here at this point there is a critical path which we need to be concious about it. If we had learned our lessons from previous although there is an archieve to search again.
In the junction of this ideas and thoughts ; one might want to keep his/her mind free, without being part of the life's struggles and keeps watching like; '' Dur bakalım ne olcek '' ''Let's see what's gonna happen '' or an other doesn't want to be stick on a flowing river to hit walls or stuck somewhere unintensionally instead of being encouraged byself disciplined pilot of his/her life's driver.
I think even that much phylosophy may be too much cause the brain has brilliant operation which rejects continuation about serious thinking matters and cheats you to get rid of it by reminding facebook contacts and messages.As'you'll see from the photo that my nephew's son savvy about gadgets / internet and he has too many followers at facebook :))
Meliora Cogito -I strive for the best. I wish for all !!


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