Pharmacist and pharmacy are thought respectively as a place of marketer and market  of medicine.
However pharmacist have been very important factor of reaching to medicine  cause the remedy had to be prepared by pharmacists in the past.
By new manufacturing capasity of pharmaceutical companies pharmacists have lost their very prestigous place in healthcare loop and they have become a marketer of medicine  and manager of such markets accordingly.
Although a very scientific and tough education for to become a pharmacist they immediately lose their scientific identity by transaction to commercialist middle man.
Why had they been educated about medicine ,pharmacology,anatomy ? Information about the prescription drugs have been given by physicians during the visit thus usage information leaflet had been enclosed by manufacturer of  prescribed medicine.So very few of the patients have an intention to ask about such details.
What is left is to buy and sell the commercial goods and make profit to survive.Here there is another challenge for the pharmacists cause number of graduate had not been controlled by the years and pharmacies had been opened almost every street corner of the cities and particularly around the hospitals,family practitioners offices.Redundancy of  pharmacist and pharmacies have become reason of cut throath competition in between.
The fact of increased number of pharmacist was beacuse of well known high turnover and profits herewith pharmacist were leap froging social classes beacuse of wealthyness of vocation.

However today's challenges have become a matter of live or die in the business along with  the fact of  weak scientific identity of pharmacists. How do they adapt their business into new developing market enviroments and how do they get back their prestigous position in the public is a matter of long and structured debate. But I am sure pharmacist are also seeking a solution for sake of both themselves and the vocation.


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