Do you think a hearth surgeon help of a better blood stream  for healtcare system ? Economic downturn have revealed many embedded issues due to diminished purchasing power and the awareness  to reach better services and quality brands with a reasonable prices.Hereby governments have started seeking ;good services and best brands with a lower price which would ensure  to have a balanced budget.But utmost important it would provide low cost healthcare service  for public.
 Pressure on to pharmaceutical co's for to have bargain price has resulted with huge lay-offs. Although pressure on prices and costs have not carried economies to desired saving level.Perhaps the officers has not considered couple of  other factors which would be positive impact on the expenditure growth.Reduced healthcare cost has helped people to use almost all the available healthcare services.Therefore incontrast to desired outcome  pharmaceutical products tripled their share in the consolidated budget.
The intention  of summarising the healthcare blood flow was to help myself to tell you something about pharma co's marketing & sales departments.
Price cuts than limited access to Physician followed Pharmacy profit reduction thus limitation for market access has caused a high blood pressure among management departments of pharma co's.
As usual overheads were first saving item and it has cut but it did'nt help then merger and acquisation which  were also symptomatic cure but it wasn't total healing
So now I've shorten the story but  some of these marketing & sales departments believe that our patient with hypertension can be treated by help of modern gadgets and social media tools.
What do you think help us to reduce high blood pressure and regulate and relax all the stake holders ?


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