E- Formation of The Future

I've attended to pharmacists congress which they have named it as E formation of the future.I agree that cause the future will be more on e -communication scale.And today as usual they have expressed more about their challenges.I 'have to tell that they were very modest  while trying to detail their problems which they 've already exposed.
Hereby I've enjoyed most about the sector prominents had told which  our pharmaceutical sector would have grown in the next ten years term as much as 150%
I hope they 're right but today's social and economic conjuncture has bit different attitude toward being steady and calm climate.I think good will has positive regarding to outcome through out puts but things are not flowing as we had wish.
Anyway yet I have very positive mind set and wishfull mind as used to for Turkish citizens but other side of me bit rationalist which tells me that be carefull.
Hereby I don't want to make any further comment regarding fluctuation of te sector instead sharing very positive gathering by frames which they have been taken by me .


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