Conscious is quite important regarding field of sales operation  herewith to be able to stop and  review the job you've been doing  may create an additional  value depending on status of the mind.
If there is an overwhelmed, confused professional who might have been blind to opportunities around to corner.
I assume this is a well known drawback for particularly pharmaceutical professionals due to ambitous goals to be achieved,SOPs to be fullfilled, reports to be prepared,customers to be contacted with,meetings to be attended etc..
There usualy seems no time left  for to back up and watch yourself  from a different point of view and the intended business process accordingly which it may enable you  to diagnose and detect an error or help to improve business process.
There used to be an order in pharmaceutical industry which turned into a chaos due to many reasons which I won't issue them here. But I'd like to draw an attention to resource allocation and utilization efforts.

Although firts major concern is cost containment  yet there are companies and business managers  have an effort for reducing sales force count but on the other hand recruiting from rentals.While the company has its own eligible,well trained sales force resources pushing them away  by justifying cost cutting.
However following that process recruiting from a rental sales force co's which has been gathered from employees whom were probably have not been selected by a diligent human resource processes.
At this critical pathway junction why wouldn't pharma co's prefer to consider recruiting people whom were left out of the company.
Ex-employees are acquinted with company culture & corporate vision thus they have knowledge about the brand to be promoted to customers.I think top of all the counted reasons ex-employees have an established relationship with stakeholders which is more difficult to have them again for a rental rep.
I ensure that giving an employment to a rep  will be differ than before and the result will be surprising in terms of success.Based on my communication with ex-employees  which I wanted to summarize the reasons of opprtunities for them and the companies 
  • Pharmaceutical sector's crisis reality
  • Dimished opportunites for to be recruited
  • Increased consciousness about the value of position in the company
  • Having an income again
  • To understand the business value from different point of view
  • An opportunity to prove personal eligibilty 
  • Re-gaining credibilty
Hereby having a contract agreement with ex-employees  regarding the job  to be done  might be  better contribution for  cost effectiveness  and fruitfull return.
I've just wanted to provide different point of view to my colleagues for sake of  the company  and their success.


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