Data polution has become a serious issue for social media&marketing.Tons of information flying over us and  people get scary because of many question in their mind.Situation gets dramatic each and every second as if  you' follow Twitts or checking social media blogs or technology web pages, where there are millions of  new info and updates show up and they might put  you in a  helpless inevitable state of mind
Lets start asking questions regarding new information exchange platform ;
  • If 'have an intention and strong desire to be in cloud with a brand or service where should  be started ?
  • Which one helps better to have interaction with people ;Twitter,Facebook,G+,Pinterest etc.?
  • Should we have a social media specialist or IT specialist ?
  • How could we achieve a CLM by using available social media tools?
  • As if we would like to use all together by providing link to each other which goes first Facebook or Twitter ?
If I had exposed to such questions I'd like to see a business plan herewith detail of each media tool usage with its expected outcome.But top of all I'd like to know engagement plan of the social media /marketing initiatives.

There used to be a marketer of a brand or service and its customers .It was easy though.But than these consumers reached that gadgets and connected.They learned everything about anything.!!
 I am as you're one of them and if someone would like to convince me about a product or service I want them to be sincere and transparent about themselves .Yet there will be my judgment regarding optimal return.
Consquently although those technology driven  new information exchange platforms last decision will be taken by a human.
So keep your senses and enhance  ''Empathy'' feeling for all around you.


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