I don't know the impact of staying so long in same business enviroment  in terms of its benefits on your knowledge and ability thus thinking pattern.I assume is not that easy   as said in an old proverb '' even if you tie up a donkey around the area of mentioned business she may also grab something too''
No absolutely ! Every business has its own tears and dust.
Mastership !? Huhh it is kind of tough word carrying the title  which loads considerable amount of  responsibility to person who wants to stand up with it .Along with mastership skills there should be quite a lot other good features for to accompany to the title.
To be wise with interpersonal skills while communicating people and  to get to know listening patiently respectfully others herewith talking as if  needed. Where there will be words to be  delivered and  ideas will be shared for others to ensure creating & adding values to their life.However they should be shared carefully in  an humble manner.
Yet there are many aspect to be reviewed for evaluating maturity degree and scales deciding about Mastership.
There are some behavioral pattern of millenium  which imposed to people  as they're providing an advantage or superiorty  for whom used to it ;To be very straight speaking without considering any humankind sense & sensibility, to be ready to fight in case the idea of you has not been bought or preferred.To be served first and fast by where ever you're present.
To have the right to complain about anything you don't like as a little kid and seeking people to nod you .

Mastership!! There should'not be criterias group of people but the criterions have been set and weighed by society.
Who do you think you are ? How do you see the right of commenting about such deep matters ? These question might have  been of your questions. And you're right !! However I guess I know why did I do that;
Some people (may be a person ) have relentless desire to draw the title to themselves  without any hesitation  from world norms.
Hoping masters to forgive my senseless writing exercise regarding Mastership .
Yours sincerely


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