Pharmaceutical Market's trend  will have a bell curve interms of its life cycle but there wouldn't be a final countdown .However a renaissance will groom by fixing old beliefs and implementations through ''Pharmaceutical Spring''.
 I am not an oracle and sitting with my crystal globe but I feel belonging and a fan of pharmaceutical industry.Therefore  close and methodologic chase of the industry is one of my daily practise.
Cause What I 've had today due to the industry.Its wise and very disciplined business acumen along with well educated ,high calibre human resources developed a privileged society all over  the world.I believe one of each individiual of the society has high level of intellectuality,analytic mind and responsibility to both the industry and society.I am proud of as a member of the society.

World's socio economic fluctuation & trends thus governments network have lead through a proven track record regarding cost containment regulations and laws.Applying common sense eased their job but its impact on pharma co's caused variety of different feelings and actions  little panic,turmoil,lay-offs,re-structuring,mergers & acquisations..
I think none of us were expecting such dramatic change in a short period of time which has trigerred a total  discomposure to handle bunch of  challenges.The industry has overcomed many challenges in the past and it was immunised to many sudden changes.But this time there was a total discomfort and it was permanent.
As social media has helped  during Arab spring to establish new understandings and formations web2,0 has helped government health authorities  for many successfull new implementations to copy and implement sake of cost containments and qualitative outcomes.Which is absolutely smart and right to benefit from tested and proved projects in favor of public.
Although, NGOs and governments,different industries have had lessons for improving their operations pharmaceutical industry didn't embrace the change by building its own excuse barriers and hiding behind.

But I believe facebook,twitter,bloggers,g + etc have thrown respectively small to big stones to behind the barrier regarding forthcoming spring  and  to blossom a different operative understanding.
I am so happy to see recent development and adaptation of the industry for consolidation of renasssaince.
Yet there are things which the industry will suffer but its return will be as leader.Cause technological development will have its saturation level at that point the only thing to be consider will be  human health  and customised health implementation will be leading and appreciated  sector of the world .Pharmaceutical Spring is fact of life and will be seen soon.


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