Pharmacists have to adapt their business to the enviroment of today.What is it ? The answer is to be aware of communication platform which is e-communication.To be coped with the pace of social media enviroment.
Have you established a twitter account and facebook page for the pharmacy which is able to deliver the Rx to your customers as they want to?
I dont think pharmacies in Turkey has such vision and preparation accordingly.Think about for a moment that; patient has received the Rx to be purchased from  visited  pharmacy which has given its social  media account to customer for further of customer needs.I didn't have such info yet.Thinking out of the box will be creative solution for future of the business .A decade ago a marketing guru Philiph Cotler had given a lecture about future of marketing which he had told attendees about consumer marketing tips.Yet I don't see such kind of prepared and an established emphaty about customer focus.
Imagine a pharmacist sending its customers daily healthcare  precautions thus preventive information. Do you think that  provide a customer loyalty and drive them  for  to be selective about their pharmacy?
Yes I would certainly become a loyal customer of such  pharmacist and pharmacy!
So lets think out of the thinking patterns which we used to .
Lets quit cliche of pharmceutical industry instead we need to find out today's need and expectation through better solution for all.


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