I 've been thinking about the companies vision&mission statements lately. Although I've worked  as an employee  of those well known  international giant corporations,  I've   only felt ownership ,respect to my company during my first job and this feeling had changed  me to be  more creative and volunteer to achieve  for people whom I worked together.
I should tell before I go further that the company which I worked first time  It had a great reputation and the respect by both the business enviroment and the society where it had presented it services.
So if I circle back to the main subject which vision&mission statement of a company should be well understood and expressed to everyone in order to  show that proud ,dignity and each an every word of the statement.
Why should it be ? Simple cause if you want  people to respect the values you believe so let them know what are they and why are they ?
However  you should keep that in mind before to start talking that; Are you realy walking as you're talking ?
Except my first company, the rest have had good will ,big signs hanged to the walls,there some documents comprised wise words related to vision &mision statements but there had no real effort,training ,routine sop's,games ,motivation, for fullfilling the meaning of corporate values neither in house nor third parties.

Of course no one should be dictated for the values but  instead the one who is leading or called leader have to call and tell  frequently  regarding reasons,justifications and rationals to believe in such values.
The leader has  to convince his/her team mates by organizing different occassions to let them to become an  eyewitness of such things with examples.
So ownership would be able to start by having real life examples of that values which They  enable people to walk and talk .
Conseqeuntly I think companies need each year to start business  as very  first year of  the company and they need to embrace the feeling ,excitement  and understanding  of establishment .Only thing to survive as like just starting  again depends on the values to be presented and trusth to be established. So long.


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