Today's pace of technological development and new way of remote communication will remove another economic burden of corporations.Social media,e-business, digital communication platform have changed the way of businness conduct.The change of communication will continue to have positive impact on some other socio economic dynamics and  balances.
Big corporations used to have a natural concern while setting up their operations.Particularly the corporations from same business sector  have intended to be  close  to each other around the same geographical areas,around the same cities.
Hereby where those settlement have  seen,  the prices of almost anything went up.So those expenditures had to be reflected on the product or service cost which corporations did it.     Not only prices but also enviromental conditions have affected and got worst.
Hubbub,polluted city centers, small rooms,traffic jam and many well known factors have been cause of  psycological and physiological health problems of the people.Furthermore performance problems have raised more than ever
Today’s business conduct have developed and reached to another stage We do not need to be close to each other as it used to be.Scientific congress or business fairs are not so necessary for to be able to track the new trends or selling product or services.Business intelligence is not to watch competitors shop 7/24 anymore
Incredible amount data and variety of business matter are being handled via internet, satellite meetings, mobile device technologies. Consequently  the corporation now have such freedom to be able to set up their headquarters, offices where a city or area  offers low rental cost,low transportation cost,better living condition for employees.So the new technology and communication will be in favor of enviromental condition too.Those big cities may be start to take a breath with help of moving masses out .


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