Pharmaceutical companies will have an engagement with physicians via internet access. A scientific meeting will be organized and held over    the internet will create a different social gathering There are couple of reason  to save and keep reps in that healthcare loop but need to enable them to become savy internet users thus bloggers maybe !!
Rather than distributing designated territories to sales reps, a blog and its audience given to a rep which is covering territory and its stakeholders might be more useful. However, the success of sales reps may be evaluated with his/her blog's ratings or number of ''like'' regarding the article published or viral items along with the brand preference in the territory  based on IMS data. Or the number of viral meetings held and social gatherings’ success which is reflected by post meeting Q&A results.
These days a discussion is still going on regarding  the definition of a new KPI due to evolving working conditions and changing enviroment. As anyone can anticipate; access to information has become an easy to reach matter by stakeholders. Therefore, the important  aspect  has to be considered is to attract attention of those stakeholders for to engage them via web site, blog, Twitteror  facebook account etc.

Who is going to be able to achieve that engagement and how? At this point, the help of sales reps may be a great contribution for the company .Reps will  be in touch with stakeholders, with a face to face or via internet meetings. This is in order to inform them about the social channels, digital  tools of the company. Herewith the advantages over the competitions will be discussed. Of course another competition field has just established for pharma co's. Therefore, the sales rep title may be transformed to a new title and naturally  will have a new mission to achieve such as company’s external affairs customer representatives  and the mission is to establishment of the engagement via available digital channels. I hope this imagination help of you while preparing marketing & sales strategies :)


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