The aim of that smily  was as follows:
·         Representing company in the designated area
·         To act and behave inline with company ethical rules & regulation
·         To visit ....of physician and ... of  pharmacist daily basis
·         To establish respectfull relationship with physicians and pharmacist and the other healthcare personel
·         To achieve quarterly/annualy  sales quotas
·         To achieve ..% MS
·         To report timely manner and accurately

FLSM and Sales manager have an additional job responsibilities as coaching & counselling ,performance appraisal,personal development plans, tracking results and re-evaluating them etc.

But the picture of that relationship has gone now.There are many other factors involve in healthcare buying  process  of today;

1.       Patient ;   sickness    
2.       Family Practitioner   - Specialist  
3.       Routine check or diagnostic  tests
4.       Evaluation of results
5.       Diagnosis
6.       Treatment options
7.       Medicine –surgery
8.       Medicine:
9.       Selection of available molecule for the cure from drop down menu
10.   Original and  patent protected or Generic –lowest price or high depend on  patient co-pay
11.   Patient-Checks physician diagnosis via friends,pharmacist,family members
12.   Patient-Checks RX and its indication thus adverse reaction incidence
13.   If patient convinces about physician diagnosis and RX than the treatment applies
14.   If unexpected minor side effect occurs than whole treatment drops
15.   If patient happy with the physician calls or visits againg regarding  SE  as if satisfies with physician’s rational continues to treatment

 What would you do if you were  a pharma sales rep in today’s enviroment .Although relentless efforts and matter of life concern for the future of vocation; what is the way through light?


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