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I've been so lucky during high school years cause we had a very good teacher of science and biology. Instead of following the school's strict schedule and science books,he used to let us understand really what those lessons were  for.In one of those days we had a very nice discussion regarding human's future anatomy.
Our dear science teacher had announced a very attractive subject and waken up the class from our day dreamings . The subject was  future of human's body  transformation by explaining the probable causes of  such anatomical changes.
This talk had been long ago it was year 1974 and most of his scientific explanation was on foresee change of human life along with scientific and technological developments.The teacher of science was great person both teaching a lesson and attracting our attention for  our health issues. He used to address even  today's hot topic ;natural food consumption ,eating fruits and veggies thirtyeight years ago.
So considering peopl…

To Shape Patient Perspective Saving For All

Healthcare budget's burden on economy has always been problem for the governments Therefore budget constraint announcement has become periodical subject which it has followed with price cuts for   pharmaceutical industry.
As a citizen paying less for a treatment seems very good for me.However I still do not realy care about government's budget cause my concern  is only the money out of my pocket.
So as if I go nearest healthcare center for just to get a pain killer I get it .I pay the lowest co-pay cause physician and pharmacist have to take care of that issue.I take the pill or tablet for my pain but if it doesn't work than I put that  aside  which may contain ten tablets and it may be a ten days treatment for another individual.
So as if we analyize that process from economic point of view;there is vasted financial resource and it is  stagnant thus it probably never be active anymore.
Adherence problem is not only problem for patient and physician but it ha…

Marketing Challenges of Yesterday & Opportunities of Today

Today's marketing professionals of the  pharmaceutical industry have become problem solver rather than creating and implementing strategies.They have put aside their routine job rituals and having brain storming meetings for to overcome everyday road blocks; Payers cost constrains,narrowed marketing activities of MOH,trying to avoid sanctions while preparing a material  tracking the cloud in case of unexpected aggresion of unknown,having long meetings in order to find out a way for keeping customer contact,Seeking every alternative for establishing communication with patients without having conflict with rules & regulations360 degree relationship management concernBudget cuts and the goals to be achievedSocial media and CLM reality but its scary wild world for pharma industry However although these well acquinted challenges of pharmaceutical business there are also many opportunities to be unveiled or to be  discovered for shaping new business enviroment. Only matter is now to…