Marketing Challenges of Yesterday & Opportunities of Today

Today's marketing professionals of the  pharmaceutical industry have become problem solver rather than creating and implementing strategies.They have put aside their routine job rituals and having brain storming meetings for to overcome everyday road blocks;
  • Payers cost constrains,
  • narrowed marketing activities of MOH,
  • trying to avoid sanctions while preparing a material 
  • tracking the cloud in case of unexpected aggresion of unknown,
  • having long meetings in order to find out a way for keeping customer contact,
  • Seeking every alternative for establishing communication with patients without having conflict with rules & regulations
  • 360 degree relationship management concern
  • Budget cuts and the goals to be achieved
  • Social media and CLM reality but its scary wild world for pharma industry
However although these well acquinted challenges of pharmaceutical business there are also many opportunities to be unveiled or to be  discovered for shaping new business enviroment.
Only matter is now to have a new start as like initiating new business sector to the business world. It  will be possible to establish successfull and profitable business sector for the professionals  as if they renew their business point of view.Therefore an immediate need is to get to gather for preparing a situation appraisal.Analysing problem and having a decision to design new road map.
Although challenges of  today's, marketing professionals have new field of operations capabilities by internet and technology ;
  • Easy to reach masses.
  • Tracking new formula registration phases,price schedules
  • Very quick and easy to prepare a material without spending considerable amount of budget
  • On time communication ability
  • able to conduct a search for understanding stake holders behavior
  • Possibility to lower congress and symposium cost with having remote meetings with prominent of business professionals
  • To be able to acquire and  embrace up to date information and new business applications
  • To be able to keep hands on business all the time
  • Warehouse stocks and wholsaler stocks now on the screen.
  • Allows a marketing person to watch online detailing and customer concern
  • Enables PM to  take a preemptive action quickly
  • Shorten approval procedures and SOPs
  • Competitive activity tracking 
  • Everyday communication opportunity with stakeholders

If I  had been in charge of marketing management I'would have started intensive communication with stakeholders to be able to understand everyone's concern and expectation & hope for new business planing.I'would have tried to convince gathering all stakeholder around the same table for mutual action plan and an optimal return for all.
I''d have tried  to benefit from every individual's creativity,innovative side therefore I'd have initiated a positive exchange circle for progression in the area of public healthcare
I'd have tried to establish a  continous and ontime disciplinnary information exchange platform by investing on its infrastructure for reducing errors and improving implementations.
I' can hear you that you have lot of ideas.Who did you stop to share them ?
If you want someone to hear you, you can do it and don't wait share it now.
Fruits are there in the plate  for all of us juicy,sweety and wholesome let's start sharing :))


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