I've been so lucky during high school years cause we had a very good teacher of science and biology. Instead of following the school's strict schedule and science books,he used to let us understand really what those lessons were  for.In one of those days we had a very nice discussion regarding human's future anatomy.
Our dear science teacher had announced a very attractive subject and waken up the class from our day dreamings . The subject was  future of human's body  transformation by explaining the probable causes of  such anatomical changes.
This talk had been long ago it was year 1974 and most of his scientific explanation was on foresee change of human life along with scientific and technological developments.The teacher of science was great person both teaching a lesson and attracting our attention for  our health issues. He used to address even  today's hot topic ;natural food consumption ,eating fruits and veggies thirtyeight years ago.
So considering people's lack of enthusiasm about reading long sentences and paragraphs I'd like to shorten my tale for you.Incredible changes in technology ,growth of  internet users have already caused new way of life style.Without exaggerating the examples I'll count of them  which explains the impact on our life; Ordering a pizza or another quick burger menu has become a much easier than before.Although nice and sunny days watching a movie on a lap-top has also preffered by masses.There are countless examples which you're acquinted with majority of them.For me the very interesting part is new way of  socializing.Even dating couples have started carrying their ipads,mobile  gadgets  and more an more wierd part is much of their talks have centered on the matters of  the cloud ;facebook,twitter,angrybirds,linkedin etc.
So I'd like to circle back to my science teachers interesting description of human anatomy for millenium and beyond.As he had told that human anatomical parts would have new forms. Human head would have grown bigger in comparison to body and it would be disproportional .
Today I recalled all those words of my science teacher and I found them more realistic then thirtyeight years ago.Cause sitting on a sofa bed or table with a very limited move of body parts .Less used legs and arms and big fatty belly and body due to fast food consumption and a pumpkin shape head with big eyes on it is so possible !! So don't become a slave of such gadgets go and get your shoes on start walking and enjoying free of all the artificial things.


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