Don't get caught out again

In the pharmaceutical corporations and in the healthcare enviroment anyone who is aware of recent development accept the fact that patients or we are ordinary people have the power of decision about almost anything.Consuming a product was used to a pre-determined standart behavioral pattern which had been designed by conglomerates.
Cause the communication network of people  has also been driven via  analog media tools which never enbaled us to interact each other for sharing our ideas and thoughts accordingly.
Initiation of social media platforms have never been thought it would be that much harmfull for the  markets and companies.
People have started sharing about their feelings regarding the goods or services which they 'had been left without the options available until recently.I think we can call this new social media platform, the cloud  as ''to poke'' for realizing the power of wisdom.
Buying processes has now changed for marketers and corporations where they used to try convincing middle man for selling through people.However now consumers,we ordinary people have the word for deciding about our preferences cause the cloud is just one click away.
Consequently as we circle back to healthcare sector where physicians used to be a close lipped  prescribing authority.
Today's, marketing & sales departments of pharmaceutical companies might have a good opportunity for establishing a co-operation with physicians about how to understand customers behaviors and attitudes thus convincing them for sake of their health
Hereby I'd like to remind to  whom would like to benefit that today's communication platform is also evolving very fast. Don't  get caught out again !!!


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