Enviroment and Culture Relation

Thanks God we've been able to meet with hot summer days so far.As stated by many scientists that we are ,human beings  have caused  /achieved thinning of atmosphere layers due to only our silly justifications and rationals such as  need for development of industries for sake of human's better living !!!???
Of course I can hear your  vocabulary rich comments about that rationals but I usualy try to avoid using fckn wrds in my texts.Anyway although having hot summer days is joy on the other hand knowing seasonal abnormalities are because of human's greedy aggresiveness makes me anxious.
Yesterday on my way to home from the city center I've preffered an alternative way which passes  from a middle of  forest name called Belgrad forest.I have thought it would be great idea picking that option which would enabled me to breath clean air along with its beatiful  green scene.
Education regarding enviromental protection and respect to nature world is absolute issue has to be considered by any government or human civilization.However  very few nation has initiated education for kids herewith restrictions by law for preventing destruction of nature world.
So I won't extend my sentences by circling back to main issue;yesterday Belgrad forest which is the one and very rare forest of Istanbul city has been invaded by vandalist people.It is difficult to evaluate & calculate the damage so far.I don't know how many of the beatiful young oak tree cut down for their barbecue fire.I don't how much time need to clean the garbage left .
The road through home in the forest is very narrow road and parking car may certainly cause accident or slow down of the traffic for drivers using that road.However both sides of that road had been full of parked cars.Although there is a restriction to enter the forest people were had no concern about such primitiveness.My eyes searched for any law enforcement officer that interrupting ,stopping invasion however I'haven't seen any of them. We may be have been considered as one of fast developing nations interms of economical and financial aspects but the fact is we are far from the conciousness of respect to enviromental heritage.
As a consequence of my yesterday observation I've started thinking about pollution and I've found a justification; as if a medieval menthality is  encouraged than thinking about enviroment and pollution is so naive !!


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