KAM and Transformation How to start ?

Couple of days ago a connection from Linkedin has sent me an e-mail in order to have my opinion regarding KAM concept and its establishment.
Economic fluctuations and crisis for developed nations unfortunately continouing and growing.Therefore their investments are being hit by both financial/economic constraints and new business conduct.
Although variety of challenges in pharmaceutical industry financial investment corps have great interest on acquiring pharmaceutical companies that means there is an expectation for profitable return.However new business conduct has anticipated that would need wise business professionals for to ensure foresighted return.
KAM has become a parrot fashion business title but its coverage and ability has to be well understood.
Any of small or big corporation would like to have human resource with following  skills such are  brilliant,dedicated,expert,team player,creative,customer centric,business oriented etc. people.
Robotic perfectionist work force is  always desired due to complexity of business relationship and profitability

A team responsible for establishing  business ties,keeping warm and respectfull relations with all stakeholders,checking product stock level and ensuring its availibity at the pharmacies and wholesalers,preparing P&L reports,initiating negotiations with product registration authorities will naturally be preferred instead of having a sales force just promote company's products to target customer.Therefore employees which will consitute such a desired  dream team need to be ready for the industry.However since it is not possibe to stop ongoing business operation for to make immediate changes HR and business leads have changed the titles of sales reps which survived after  mass laid offs.
So establishing a new mind set among those survivors  and driving their  attention through new business conduct is not easy.The desired to achieve task needs top-down mind shift and behavioral & attitutidinal change along with good professionals whom will help that successfull transation.At this point if the managers on board try to consider austerity first  so the corporation's vivid and fruitfull future operation will be procrastinated.Hereby checking human resource first will be wise start to achieve healthy transformation.


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