Talking by yourself is not crazyness anymore !!Happy Social Media Day

We 've used to see some people on the streets whom were talking by themselves.It is weird though but we never pay too much attention or we think that those poor people have had some problems or something caused them to get crazy.Talking with another person about anything either important or not is a need for healthy life.
However couple of factors have had a negative  impact on human's life style and relationships.
Mass media particularly analog media have been so successfull for being a cause of mindful and behavioral change.Cause the dissemminated message had a warning content which is still widely used even at some of well known metropol cities in train stations,bus stops or at the airports .
People are dangerous and do not talk with them  if you don't know !
 Just take a moment and remember what have you  done first  after arriving to home from an  intensive working day . You 've most probably  switched  on the  TV  to get rid of your loneliness and to get relax.

Today people instead of switching on the TV they are open 7/24 via internet ,social media channels. Moreover same people think they have nothing to hesitate for sharing all their privacy  with people even never met before.Writing & sharing blatantly on many of the available popular social media pages.Now it seems they've overcome loneliness by being online.It is like mutual habit as eating,drinking ,sleeping,showering eventhough they are obsessive keeping connection while doing almost everything you imagine.
We've been eyewitness of an amazing change in just a decade and it is also  scary concern because  staying out of the  loop means loosing interaction with others.
A lot of things going on and many thing is being change with unbeliavable pace.Therefore being out shortwhile might cause  missing quite a lot of from the daily agenda ..
Consequently to talk with a person or to share privacy and feelings ,thoughts have been accepted as silly,crazy and dangerous for more than three decades by civilization.Now same civilization pushes you there for controlling you remotely.Isn't it funny we are stepping towards a new life style as system robots.
So let's celebrate a new happenings ;Today is social media day and happy social media day to you


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