Quality Control Reps

Majority of businees executives are sharing same opinions and concerns about  re-shaping the sales force and its utilization  methodology.
 Market place has affected by worldwide financial crisis  where cost containment efforts of  payers have issued  (government and private healthcare authorities)
The  negative effect of economic fluctuation have collaborated with fast developed  information technologies which have helped dissemination of an action.Big pharma has started  implementing new cost cutting measures.
Simple buying process scheme of pharmaceutical products have dramatically changed due to decision maker profile ;new stakeholders. Price issue has become one of the  key issue for the market access where also strong health economic evidences required  by healthcare authorities.
No surprise the pharma sales reps and sales force management have failed  to achieve their goals with well known sales strategies and they have stayed out of the game
Immediate cost cutting measures  have focused on overheads as usual.Therefore mass lay offs  were seen  among pharmaceutical companies  in the past decade which it is still carry on. 
Increasing healthcare conciousness of the  public, elevation of quality of life awareness among nations thus IT technologies have refreshed hopes for  the future of  pharmaceutical corporations.
However most important issue of today is to set a right strategy for to continue vivid profitable business.
I can just share my thoughts which they are based on my long experience in the industry .I believe  the differentiation will only be possible with the efforts of the employees. Re-positioning of the industry is necessity  and only place for achieveing this goal  is in  the mind of stakeholders  
To start  shaping an image or re-positioning  industry as brand  requires strong belief and determined people 
-Well thought and planned re-positioning of  the company ought to have a new target as healthcare business instead of disease treatment
-A USP for a pharmaceutcial company  as a new  brand should meet with healthcare enviroment needs and it must attract attention.
- Human touch will always be precious mechanism for  re-shaping ,building the new  image.Hereby available sources may be in use for the new positioning 
- ''Sales''  as a word is an effective and powerfull one however we have experienced its negative impact    due to our ethical stand point as  being in medicine and pharmaceuticals.Therefore we  also need shaping stakeholders perception with our industry's new titles which sales reps  maybe replaced with quality control reps.
- We need to make all the processes transparent for sake of our prestigous trusthworthy ground which I think  is an  urgent and  important issue
-Coping with change will only be possible with usage of  digital information tech. Therefore setting a new mile stone through respectful image ought to start with people and they  need to be internet  savvy and acquinted with  new social media communication methods 
-A team spirit helps and make people to believe their company's change for quality focus process and products 
-Quality focused processes will help delivery of quality outcomes which  preferred products and services.
-Quality Control reps will be able to  embrace the title spontaneusly 
 -Staying focus for quality will ensure continous improvement  besides switching customer focus from price to brands and services.


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