Are You Creative Dreamer ?

During a marketing conference in 1997 at İstanbul, Philiph Cotler has told  to the audience that soon a digital world -marketing would be  in the center of people's life.He had described a household supply chain which would be digitaly tracked by supermarket which near to the house.The refrigrator would be placed an accessible area of the kitchen  for salesman by a code where the service boy of the supermarket would be able to replace the items has been consumed by the residents.
The audience had not seem to me very excited and rush.I assume they had thought that the mentioned concept was quite far to them at that time.However years past by so quick but development of digital contagion pace was faster than the past years.
Today each an every minute we face there are too many  striking amazing digital developments which are taking place in our daily life.Now we have become depended, obsessive people for digital technology and majority of us have never ever  imagine living without the thech we have.
Patients soon will be treated and tracked  with remote digital tech gadgets thus their adherence to treatment will also be able to followed not only by responsible physicians but health economist and government health authorities.
The question is how things  will evolve in the next fifteen years ? I think many of us have different ideas and assumptions. Would you like to share them with me ? Please  do not hesitate to share .


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