Respect Ownself First

There are million dolars question in the mind of marketing managers,CEOs,COOs,;How will digital world evolve and where will we intervene  for optimal contribution?
Yes I know but who believes to me  cause my assumptions yet to be progressed and they will be real until than no body will accept the things I've told was right.
But along my ideas there are a few genius have just initiated smart business strategies such as games for public in order to have an engagement within the rules and regulation.Yes Boehringer Ingelheim company has launched a new game  named as Syrum.Referring to company's official announcement description of the game is ''Syrum is a social game. The health of the world is in your hands, and you’re the only one who can save it. In each chapter, you have to solve a particular problem, which could be a disease or a pandemic that is sweeping the world. The player’s goal is to discover cures, create a stable drug, and then create a clinical trial so that you can launch the drug and cure the disease.''
Isn't it genius ? But there is a great amount of dedication and work behind it.
Pharmaceutical industry has to start leaving old habits and SOPs immediately as B.Ingelheim did it. 
Yet there are stubborn managers whom are  reluctant to change old business strategies and implementation.But both business itself and employees are suffering from their floating business understanding.
I can only kindly suggest people who would like to carry their business to future that '' start engagement with stake holders with pure transparent and honest way and let them to respect you as much as you respect ownself''


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