Based on today's fast changing interaction platform and number of new  stakeholders requires a new KPI for realistic  measurement of doings . Number of new performance activity might be considered for Key Account Managers (a new vocational positioning of company reps) through establishing new pharma positioning .This work is just an exercise and it might be enhanced by pharmaceutical professionals and inputs of related stakeholders.Hereby please find hereunder KPI metrics for KAM

To be able to ensure  continous engagement via;
·         E.g;Twitter,facebook,pinterets,e-mails  (following  company news)
o   To be measured by hits and interactions
·         Establishing  two way interaction regarding the service and products
o   To be evaluated by exchange of information by CRM(digital media channels)
·         Increasing  the company’s level of positive perception in the customer’s mind
o   A reserach to be conducted quarterly for measuring company’s perception among competitiors
·         Arranging  an appointments via available  communication channels and to ensure  sincere partnership through preference of our products & services
o   Consumption of the product will be tracked  from sales data along with qualitative research questionnaire
·         Stakeholders ;nurses,pharmacists,physicians,tender authorities,government regulation officers,hospital managers will be in touch periodically for to have clear cut understanding about their expectations regarding  healthy span of control
o   CRM will be  tracked  and an interaction will be ensured for continous data exchange
o   Periodical round table meeting for both to provide an expression of challenges and to give information about our efforts for building a partnership
o   Seek for development of company’s service based on customer feedback and report it in favor of the team and the company


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