Digital Health Summit Turkey and Lessons Learned From an Event

First Digital Health Summit of Turkey was great event for listening from all stakehodlers regarding recent  developments and their progression in the digital & mobile world.
Variety of different stakeholders;patients,physicians,digital agencies,advertising agencies,pharmaceutical company representatives,third party service provider firm,research companies,etc. have expressed their point of view regarding new communication and marketing era.
I must say that I've not expected  that much progression among stakeholders of pharmaceutical industry.
Hereby I've confirmed a fact  that one never have to say something very assertive about any subject without gathering sufficient amount of information and evidence or without listening related sources accordingly.
First surprise of me was lack of awareness among attendees, including me  about reaching health care related  valuable  data  which has been available for years  by Google Trends. 
Lesson learned; Ask ownself as if reached to all source available information and try to learn from other business sector professionals and best practices.
In contrast to many pharmaceutcial  professionals beliefs ;stakeholders consciousness about digital world was great surprise for particularly pharma co's.
Patient associations have usually been in static mood of action and had no initiative at all until recently. However  my perception regarding the patient association has totally changed after listening their dedicate planned activities during the summit. 
Lesson learned ; do not depend on your ex-observations, old beliefs and speculations instead ask and follow the progression of the matter of interest,groups,persons.
Physicians panel and their statements regarding digital world and pharmaceutical companies have comprised precious messages to be considered carefully  about future / digital marketing plans. Pharma co's have grabbed an idea of channelling promotion toward new gadgets which would be well accepted at the level of physicians. However physicians have had modern gadgets thus they had started  stirring all source of information  for sake of their business.
Lesson learned; never ever assume on behalf of person,community,public instead seek an every opportunity to listen from them about and try to grab sincere point of view.

I think many of us generally believe that  vocational professionals focus on their job by considering very option for contributing more. Not valid for pharmaceutical professionals .Although spelling a sentence frequently;  '' out of the box thinking  '' the professionals genereally circle back to their old beliefs and business practices in their  real business world.This way of limitation and execuse can only be seen pharma sector cause the  belief is yet there are  hurdles;rules and regulation which restrict their wisdom of creation and progression.
The fact is who ever wants to break that dogma through establishing up to date,modern business is knocked out by same vocation professionals. 
Lesson learned ; total quality management is not related with X,Y,Z generations it is related to preference between revolution and status-quo


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