There are very talented ,well educated,trained professionals in pharmaceutical industry.Although the high level of  intellectual capacity employees are being enforced to leave all their learnings,experiences,creative skills to become a soldier of SOPs which are thought they are unchangeable turths.
As we dive through deep inside of that matters we can realize the problem.Given the fact of having flat or declining stock prices has well detailed in the article of Forbes ;IBM's Reinvention Should Inspire Flat Pharma Businesses by Dave Chase ( www.forbes.com/sites/davechase/2012/07/28/ibms-reinvention-should-inspire-flat-pharma-businesses/ )
I'd rather prefer to enhance that discussion by providing more insight about the cause of Marketing Myopia and lack of strategy executions.
Question is to be ask for that failure ought to be ;Why do those of high level professionals become laggard industry employees?
There may be a unknown very contagious virus which has  effect on  brain's thinking part and triggering a pause  to those professionals for using  it through developing their  business.
Or are they tend to keep status-quo on their behalf and spreading the virus through organization ?
I think this is a chain reaction from top to bottom and their blurred sight and diminished business ability need to be reviewed by HR gurus.

There are amazing amount of evidence about weak strategy executions and blindness regarding evolving enviroment. An example is also quite striking one which is about KAM establishment.Yet there is a debate going on as if such initiative really contribute or cause change through better execution.I only agree about one aspect which changing title doesn't fullfill content.Therefore what  I strongly believe is behavioral & attitudinal change will be necessary to recognize and digest  enviromental change in order to wake up from deep sleep.
Who reads my writings shouldn't have a perception  as another  enemy of the industry but instead as person who is in love with that sector and trying to reflect the scene.


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