To be a Marketing Manager of Today's Enviroment

Its a dilemma to find out a solid marketing strategy for pharma business.The business has surrounded with variety of challenges and each an every other day a new one has taken place to stop  implementing current strategic processes.Referring the discussion groups  on Linkedin  such questions regarding to future  of the business usually have lack of answers.
Road blocks of accesing the primary customers and stakeholders have established via government bodies. Price cut have become a sharp sword which hanging on pharmaceuticl products.Physicians and Rx's have tracked down by soft ware  systems thus physicians have enforced to select treatments only from the list which governments established.
Patients have now wisdom to reach healthcare system and medicine with reasonable cost for them.Therefore most important group,patients has positive point of view for their healthcare authorities.
However the industry has no altrenative platform to express what course of difficulties do they have for providing quality.
Its likely a boxer having lot of fist on his body but has no glove and lack of strategy to defeat fists.In a such circumstance to be a marketing manager is very tough title to be held. One might say that a nice proverb I recall '' if there is a will there is a way '' Oh yeah but how ? The cloud offers many opportunities to get a connection with stakeholders ! Ok I submit that but we're not only providing public service to masses .
We have a commercial business and it is need profit.Without having sufficent resources and without knowing the outcome conducting  E-business for selling the products is  not possible.
I do not have recipy to unveil a solid strategy for whom expecting to grab it for own sake  but I have an ideas that may be utilized for to proceed in such shaky condition.Continuation requires well planned and well implemented strategies .
  • I strongly believe that a marketing strategy ought to be  able to implemented one and it shouldn't be a one that executives liked during its presentation.
  • Applying common sense is one of the key success element of the strategy.
  • Acid test is needed and  has to be applied by marketing manager prior to announce the strategy.
  • Broad business view will be helpfull adapting other sector's successfull implementation into pharma business.
  • Accepting given rules regulation without challenging them should be left and there may be a way through blue oceans.
  • Patient engagement,physician engagement will continue to be key focus areas to have a relief
  • To establish a peacefull working enviroment with colleagues and to seek occasions for relieving day to day stress will always be positive impact on success of a marketing strategy.
  • Foundation of trusthworthy business relationship with primary stakeholders and listening their precious opinions will always guide marketing manager while shaping & establishing strategy.
  • Allowing a time for reading ,acquiring developments is must for marketing manager.
I wish all my colleagues to overcome business challenges and implement unique strategies through blue oceans for both their own and corporate success.


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