Top Priority of Our Life

Hope is to most important feeling for overcoming challenges of life.Today' regular  economic fluctuations have put hell of a lot pressure on both employers and employees.News regarding unemployment rate has become a natural occurance of business enviroment.People have also been affected  negatively by those consequences.
However some individuals have an ability to overcome such challenges without scratch and big traumas.
Does it because of their insensivity or their resistance and hope for tomorrow ? I guess the second part is playing an important role for recovery.There are many external factor which have an impact on moral condition of the people.
Continous stress producing resources are all around us ;big city problems,traffic jam,pollution,lack of time for almost everything. But one and most important one is losing social contacts and private life due to great concern about tomorrow.Therefore people pretend not to see other harmfull effect of the business focus living.
Referring to one case study which has been experienced by US army naval forces. As expressed by naval force base physicians a very contagious flu virus had spread among the soldiers.However there had been a few hundred soldiers that had'not been effected by the virus's harmfull effects .Therefore this case  had been considered to be investigated by naval base physicians/scientists.They had started searching why these soldiers had'nt been effected such a contagious flu virus.The research had been conducted by starting blood samples and it went through every tiny details 
Although thousands of  soldiers had  been infected by virus with high fever, low blood pressure in an hospitilization status however  a few hundred soldiers were quite healthy and the virus had no damaging  effect at all
Findings were so surprising cause in general health check- up physicians had found nothing unidentified but there were one striking point. Those who were not effected by flu virus have been  living around the naval base but the others have come to the base from far distances.
Hereby soldiers coming from close towns and cities had had a chance to interact with their families and social contacts in a regular periods of time in contrast to sick majority of soldiers.
Consequently keeping social life alive had been key factor on immune resistance to stop such a contagious virus. Based on these case study which I believe key element of healthy and happy  life is to keep social life in the center and all above other concerns
Hope is being feed by positive interactions; family,friends.Life is not bearable without social contacts family and friends even success without them has no value at all. I wish  everyone to have a happy life surrounded by friends and beloved ones


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