An ambition for sharing everything via internet, social media channels has become  daily routine. Therefore many business sector have  adapted recent social media &marketing tools for implementing  it for  sake of profitable business and engagement with customers.
However there is one single business sector which has surrounded with millions of  barrier  and the challenges of  its own. Yet there is no clear pathway and clear purpose for  pharmaceutical sector. One may say that there is but  I think its controversial
Pharmaceutical Corp's used to have well defined buying process and they had a well working CRM systems cause its stakeholders were just a few until the millennium.
All the other business sectors including governments have initiated and established a network in the cloud. The new business conduct have enabled them  to increase pace of change internally and externally  in terms of interacting with stakeholders and governments. As a consequence of fast information exchange the other business sectors have advanced and  they have improved their way of business operation through profitable business.
However its a pity that pharmaceutical corps has just waited for a long period of time without having  structured and well planned business scenario for to be in the cloud. They have  just depicted  their concern for not to be in the cloud as if they have been asked to.
Just trying to get rid of threats by doing nothing but just watching has concluded with unpredicted  financial burden. Moreover number of questions ;WHY?
  • Pharmaceutical corps have not been able to resist price pressure and they've submitted all  sanctions. Why?
  • They have just followed the orders for pausing their connection with stakeholders or they've accepted  limited access. Why?
  • They have not attempted to engage with end users for any purposes. Why?
  • Although they have seemed that they had had a very rational financial backup  for not to accept   big discounts. But they did it. Why?
  •  Pharmaceuticals have allowed all kind of motorization and audits by the health, financial, commercial authorities. Why?
  • Yet there is one and only  sin of goat ;Pharmaceutical industry  Why?


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