Advise to myself

What if someone  have a sense  regarding imminent   painstaking chaotic situation and what should he/she has to do and what should be the way of behavior for relief?
 ''Keep Calm and Call Your Mom '' maybe the best solution to problem  cause humankind is obviously have general  tendency to use others mind instead of his/er own.Ostrich policy is the easy way for getting rid of the challenges or sleeping long hours to forget the things
We never want to face with the problems but we very much enjoy  giving advise to someone who is in such circumstances.
Either way is not rational for overcoming the burden of such boring problem. I do not know if you're aware that I am advising at the moment cause it helps me to forget my problems :))
Funny thing of life is there is no one without problem. So that means  is we silly creatures have one face  that seeking something to bother us.Yes it may be a very assertive sentences but I  defend it cause it is true.Lets question a realy bad situation with step wise questions why,when,How what for,where,who ? has been caused .Believe me you'll find yourself  sided of such unwanted situation.
Best way is to minimize painfull problems need listening well and understanding and structuring your own speach with humble mood.
Keep Calm and Use your own brain dear  friends.I also keep that advise for myself too.
Look at that picture my dear friend Bruno always treats me well and takes all my pain away .I think they 've already understood humankind better then human while he is sending kissses.


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