There was good old days in the  healthcare ocean and the water was crystal clear.
Pollution has started with huge migration to the ocean  in the last three decade. Along to  new living location skyscrapers have started to reach ceiling of the sky. They have not cared about their future  and they had no environment protection mind set at all.
Only thing was  considered to benefit more for disposal of  destroying its environment  herewith to  discharge its products and then throwing  everything into it.

Although the industry's well educated human capital, consumption of all rich  resources of the blue healthy ocean  has taken priority  without any concern and such behavior has accepted as nature of life.
Competition for to sponge from that blue living water resource has named  strategy. But when the day has come which they all realized was too late cause  the water in bucket has covered only the bottom  and its color has turned to dark red.

Bleeding had started long ago and color of the water has been changing day by day  but there was lack of attention to it. Official authorities have  involved in the issue for limiting fishing, fish farming, all kind of sea production.
Maybe  now the time is up for  Haute couture fashion and it  maybe adapted to the industry to revive both ocean and downhill running industry reputation.

Pace of  IT technology has driven people's  interaction through internet platform thus it allows authorities to control that interaction. However nature of human is known as  irrational  and soon will get bored from such interaction  for to seek  warm face to face exchange platform.
Obviously current high tech interaction platform maybe seem as help such gatherings    but its not cause doesn't allow users to sense sincerity, real human behaviors and attitudes herewith intimate atmosphere. Today Healthcare industry's preferences will play role for its own healthy position.

Haute couture healthcare strategy might be established when span of control own by the industry again and with its self control mechanism. Therefore things maybe thought as to be done  ;
  • Inviting all stake holders for to  inform them regarding the economic scale that has been created by pharma manufacturers thus to show its positive impact on the economies  and on the  public.
  • Organizing big scale economic debates  by inviting famous economist financial analysts to the stage for  to tell about the industry's share in economy 
  • Announce to world with an attractive event ; world pharma manufacturer day  maybe a parade for to be started being among public.
  • Public  healthcare day of Pharma manuf. might be an opportunity to make  people understand phases of a single medicine pathway  until it become a licensed product for public health
  • Organizing public opinion symposiums, social activities for to create an occasion to listen public opinion about healthcare industry which such interaction might also be an occasion for outmaneuvering negatives to positive
  • Consideration of new code of conduct herewith mandatory rules as to be tracked by the industry is must
  • Useless artificial strategies  and implementations for  patient engagement scenarios ought to be left
  • To be a pen friend of healthy masses with personnel who devoted his/her time for sincere communication about inquiries might work well than expected.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers museum might be considered not only  as   an exhibition of the efforts of the industry  for healthcare  but also listening regular people's remedies for healing
  • Avoiding healthy interaction with masses  by hiding behind to the  restriction and regulation need to be left by seeking new communication platforms through changing previous thinking by new rationales and justifications 
  • Asking third party service companies  involvement for optimal solution plan by helping the industry's  hot couture healthcare strategy might  also deliver fruitful results
 Governments and health care authorities should be convinced for to understand the fact that the industry is one of its vital blood vessels by supplying billion dollars scale to the economies by its relentless effort  without interrupting contribution although eleviated control freak mechanisms.
The Healthcare Industry,Pharmaceutical Manufacturers all the companies which work in collaboration with or the companies that provide any service to the indsutry  have to re-position themselves for sake of not only their respectfull  standing but  also  better healthcare of human health.
One might percieve the thoughts which I've written here above as silly ,crazy or out of blue things or one might say well we know.I respect all the opinions cause these are mine
I believe sharing thoughts ,ideas the only way enhancing solution efforts therefore Ill continue publishing them via my blog.Thanks for reading


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