We are potential entreprenuers

How many times a day does a person think about a way through better economical status for any kind of business?
Either working in a big or a small corporation an individual usually dreams about an occupation which brings more money with a more comfortable  working conditions.
However very few of us  plans and acts accordingly for reaching out to desired condition.
We call them entrepreneurs and place them a very prestigious level.The difference in between  thinking and acting has only one result which one gets nothing and the other may probably proceed to a new dimension.At least trying concludes with an experience about winning and losing or  a start might accelerate potential desire and it might become a motivation to achieve more.

During such an intensive efforts an individual has transition from status- quo to an action mode  which is need a courage where is probably present in the individual whom  either  have self confident or low level of intellectual thinking pattern.
Here there is an irrational fact  cause when you look around whom has abilities and high educational background less likely become an entrepreneur in contrast to rich business owners.
The only trick is to be an ambitious person for to do something without too much analyzing its consequences.However I guess there is also something common among them which entrepreneurs have passion  to frame a picture of success in their  mind and they take an action accordingly.
Every success needs framing it before achieving it either you're educated or not.
While initiating any kind of business  it requires well constructed imaging and dreaming through it.
At the action phase those imaging turns to reality  step by step with some divergence.However the thoughts and dreams shows up as concrete evidences which creates  more courage.Nice part is to be able to start seeing  the evidences of a try rather than wishful thinking
Those individuals has something unique which obsession to make their dreams come true  and a great love. 
Consequently without an obsessive dream-desire & great love for an  initiative  entrepreneurship may result with failure.Although restricting conditions, road  blocks, tough environment, great desire and love overcome challenges.We potential entrepreneurs  make ourselves to  believe to our rationals and  lack of financial  deposit is usually considered as No:1 excuse
I don't know what do you think about having  conservative mind set to continue living secure modest life instead of give a start to many of business ideas. Referring to my humble observation;  we are too many :))
Challenge is to be  brave enough for to step out of confort zone. Here is the door :)


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