Debate regarding  field force and sales rep’s new engagement model's  has started long ago and yet it is going on.
ood thing is professionals from pharma industry have carried a great enthusiasm and will for to contribute on behalf of  re-positioning of pharma field force and reps.However there are variety of different approaches along with conservative strategies where still flying over the subject
Naturally all business operations seek contribution to profit thus less  expenditure for higher profit margin .However unexpected changes in the enviroment of pharmaceutical business were so speedy due changes on stakeholder scheme along with staying out of mobile world.Hereby pharmaceutical business club have stayed far behind the developments of new business trends
The business  and  Field Force operation has surrounded with barriers where the success pathway was so simple once before the information technologies development.

Today’s business executives have faced multidimension challenges to keep up business at least on steady state status.

To be in the game now is depend on pace of transation to new business model which almost every business executives are aware ‘’sine-qua non’’ is fast transaction of business by enabling establishment of dialog, an engagement  in the same communication chanel  frequency.
How could this be achieved?
Referring to majority of prominents of pharmaceutical business and I  also agree that ‘’selling product’’ is past away but instead being a solution provider is valid for new business conduct.
Solution providing now is helping out stakeholder to ease their use of big data,assisting their day to day business for contributing added values.
To be social media savy middle man in between will help re-establishing a communication channel.Thus to be savy about new tech   smart gadgets will also carry people who are in charge for stakeholder relation through a desired level of new positioning
Although some other business sectors advancement in the area of social media marketing yet there are grey areas left to be covered wisely.Therefore I assume this situation offers an advantage and opportunities for pharma business to aquire better and developed model through transation for new business model.
I also think  to be obsessed with patient engagement at the initial phase of transation is not necessary for  social media marketing  and it will follow later depending on attraction of  strategy and its execution.Furthermore there will need decisive factors for transation as leaving all the past business implementation and to be ready for short term loss in sake of future success.


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