I am hundred percent sure about one thing ;although there are many  wise and analytical minded business leaders in the pharmaceutical manufacturers industry. They must have wanted  at least once to meet with  a genie of magical lamp. For sure they have been expecting by him to tell the future market structure and business trend.

Considering all business kind  which  they are just a click away for who ever wants to have a little or sufficient amount  of  information. These business sectors have already initiated and implemented new strategic approach and tools accordingly in order to  engage with stakeholders,customers ,third parties,next neighboors..
There was an exception where one of the  business sector  which has  yet to battle with many  challenges and they lost their strategic momentum.
Healthcare and its related sectors have been exposed to strict  rules and regulations by authorities.Moreover the sector's own mistakes have also  been  cause of dramatical downturn.  

Lack of transparency and lack of public relationship about  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers have always been drawback for the business executives.
The fact was tough regulations barricade has become an escape gateway for business leaders for not to try new engagament models for  to advance their relations with public.
I am not pessimistic cause I believe the challenges of today have thought long ago.However success of business has never been considered to end due to the cash flow and profitability.Therefore the game has not been interrupted for re-modeling of the business to sake of many conflict.

Today we are able to see new efforts to make the business gain its momentum again.
New initiatives for to be able to close to the public,people new implementation are ; web pages,social networks which will enable the corps express themselves  by representation of their  business.

However this is like sitting in front of pile of thousands Lego parts .And you're  being asked to  make great functional toy by those legos which has to be approved by majority  as a new embraced model.

Let's be empathetic to people out there seeking either treatment or preventive solution for their healthcare.
What are they doing? Searching for every single information to decide about which they think is right for them.
There is no classical customer, stakeholder scheme. There is no certain borders. There is no wild brand  marketing to be applied for shaping people perception. I think it is now  as what it has to be.

Therefore the new  business model should not necessarily be complicated .It is  needed to  have a sophisticated model  to help and ensure individuals to make their decision by the provided guidance.

In regards to relationship building with stakeholders; yet individuals prefers  human to human interaction where easy to possible.
Although exponential increase of social media network usage, those individuals who are almost always there in the cloud; they still have feeling as  to be among the community, associations,where they feel belonging end of the day .Cause main vital need of the human  is  to be social and to be recognized with their activities, words,presence of their being.

Simplicity doesn't mean lack of quality and  most of the stakeholders of pharmaceutical industry  are now  in a situation  seeking a solution  to get rid of complexity while reaching out their goals.
Consequently I think the pharmaceutical industry will soon be able to figure out how to connect the part of lego pile through best model .
Despite of healthcare authorities,government bodies,rules and regulations, who initiates an  immediate transparancy model by offering high quality of  solution and showing options for the best decision making process will be leader for completion of the best functional lego model 


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