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So How Are You People ?

How do you feel ? The answer goes like 'Great How about you !?
Today I'd like to share something with you which I believe it is certainly important lesson of life .
One of these sunny but cool spring morning I decided to go nearest state hospital cause  I had a stiff ear symptoms and I thought they were due to my spearfishing hobby which it has been my best relaxing times  during the past  winter months  so this was it's outcome.
Since the town where I live has low population density in winter and spirng time in contrast to summer and autumm months.I have not waited so long to see ENT speacialist in the state hospital. I've had my medical treatment prescription in few minutes.However I've had another concern about my health. There was  a mole on my right wrist which  it's colors and shape have been changing for a year.
Although I have  an idea about  such dangerous skin diseases  I've not taken an appointment till the day  instead  I 've  downloaded a…