So How Are You People ?

 How do you feel ? The answer goes like 'Great How about you !?
Today I'd like to share something with you which I believe it is certainly important lesson of life .
One of these sunny but cool spring morning I decided to go nearest state hospital cause  I had a stiff ear symptoms and I thought they were due to my spearfishing hobby which it has been my best relaxing times  during the past  winter months  so this was it's outcome.
Since the town where I live has low population density in winter and spirng time in contrast to summer and autumm months.I have not waited so long to see ENT speacialist in the state hospital. I've had my medical treatment prescription in few minutes.However I've had another concern about my health. There was  a mole on my right wrist which  it's colors and shape have been changing for a year.
Although I have  an idea about  such dangerous skin diseases  I've not taken an appointment till the day  instead  I 've  downloaded a smart phone apps to chek it by that apps called ''Doctor Mole ''It was working well though it has warned me to see a physician.
So anyway I've checked the availability of dermo specialist in the hospital and I've been told by appointment secretary  that she was free too. In the next  five to ten minutes I've been arranged an appointment for  the out patient clinic of dermatology. Shortly after my name has appeared on the digital sign which was hanging over the consulting room.The derm specialist  who was a women and she was  over middle age with short cut hair.She has most probably  had a paralysis  before cause her mouth has been placed  on the left side of her face.
 I greeted  her kindly  due to my past carrier experience and habits  in pharmaceutical industry.She has welcomed and started talking with me like one of her  family relative and she went like we missed each other.She  has had smiling face and  a very calm and her gentle voice  which was flowing through my stiff ears as like nice slow melody
 I've opened my shirt's  right sleeve to show my  wright wrist  which the mole has been located top of  there.
She has stared at the mole and asked  me how long have I  had or awared of that mole presence.
I've been hesitating to go and to visit a dermatology specialist cause my skin type as a caucasian was so sensetive and I have  had too many mole and sun spots every surface of my body .
I had to be honest for sure and answered the question ;It was there  more than a year or so but it's shape and color have changed since one year .
The Doc has told me that the mole has to be removed immediately ! I've  submitted that request and asked when could it be possible and where ? The answer was ; now and here in the hospital then she has picked the phone without any further question or comment and called general surgeon office.Following her  short talk I was in the surgeon's consultation room  . Everything was flying over me so fast where a few minutes later the surgeon  sent me to the  surgery room.With a local anesthetic application the mole has been displaced.I 've heard the surgeon voice ordering nurse to send it to patholoy examination to the city state hospital laboratory.
The pathology results would be available in a month or so I was told.I left the hospital and returned to my daily routine but as you may guess I've something in my mind keep bothering me about results.
I've decided to go and check the result ten days later but there was no results to have me relieve the thoughts.
In March 21st,2014 I was about the leave the home for to see an accountant regarding my business matters my phone has rung.The hospital surgery dept. secretary was calling for me to see them immediately.I went there with quite anxious mood to face with the reality.The surgeon has asked me to have a sit while he was asking the report from her secretary.Time has like frozen there  and minutes were like year they did not pass.
I have understood there was something due to   distressed state of  the surgeon while he was reviewing  the report of mine.He turned and looked at my face he paused for a moment I guess he tried to pick the wright  words then he  started with a bit low deep voice; the result was no good and it was malign melanoma.
Following hours and days I've been running in between university hospital clinics and diagnositic devices rooms.
The University hospital professors have decided me to undergo a small surgery operation for to make sure if the disease has been spread to other parts of my body.The day of surgery they have sent me to have couple of more screening for confirming the surgery area.Plastic surgeons of the university have conducted a tissue replacement from the reexcision area and they have displaced a lymph node from my right armpit.
I remember when I was through surgery room I've been praying and  keep telling my brain again and again that I've nothing but strong health to ensure brain to disseminate the wright message to my cellls.
I've not seen the operated part of my arm following days for a week.In the hospital dressing room I saw it first time I was gonna fell down cause displaced part of my arm surface  was so deep and big. it's  shape was round and almost 5cm diameter and 2mm deep
Although that surgical wound and stitches on my right arm and  armpit I've been so concerned about the results of new pathology exams.Waiting for  the results from the university pathology clinic took a month .Every other day and night full of different thoughts and panic attacks have passed by till the month of May
The results were clear and I'was now become a follow up patient of the university hospital and I would be visiting hospital in  three monthly periods with new ultrasonography screenings.I've tried to summarize many things that I've struggled but except giving less detail about the state of my psycology during these days by leaving that up to you to imagine.
Consequently I've lived and experienced by that surprise of life. Lesson never to be forgatten is  the only prescious thing  in life is health and rest of the daily matters,stresses are really nothing to be concerned.
So How are you people ? Think  twice in a day as if  you stuck  in silly matters


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