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Dream About Healthcare System ;An Humanistic Desire Common Goals

How does Pharmaceutical Industry or Today's Healthcare system  recover ? It' is considered  and percieved as the worst managed subject of the entire  nations.
How does it become key respectful source of human health ?

Who/which stakeholder  has the prestigous standpoint in the health care system today ?

I really do not know the answer; Governments Healthcare system ?, Insurance companies ?,Physicans ? ,Nurses ?,Pharmacies?, Patients ? Pharmaceutical Manufacturers? Do you think  there is  a control or caotic order ?

Presumably ,each an every  stakeholder  has foreseen  some  plans and implementations  for their future but except patients.
The stakeholders have kept doing  strategic analysis to ensure about their future objectives & goals  

Current trends for marketing and engagement models have mainly focused on cloud based interactions cause changing behavioral pattern of people due to enforced life style.
As we look to understand such behavioral change  the core idea of…