Turkish Vitamin/ Food Supplement Market ; New Observations ..

Today many people are able to reach the cloud by smartphones and they get any information about staying  healthy.People are  exposed to  health related  data bombardment everyday via variety of media channels .

Although  easy to search and read the  informations about benefits of fruits,roots,herbal remedies etc.,along with vitamin and food supplements; general tendency is they need to be persuaded by wise and trusthworthy source .They are considered as pharmacists and general practitoners. 

However today's healthcare rules and regulation, doesn't allow physicians to have a talk, neither about the use of home made remedies, nor benefits of vitamins and food supplements.
So the only source has left is pharmacists.There at pharmacy level, without a doubt , there is a conflict of interest.
There are many options  for an individual to pick a one   among the available thousands of vitamins and food supplements.Price of vitamins and supplement are vary in accordance to  number of capsule,tablets,ingredients and of course regarding its product awareness.But the facts is there a concern drives pharmacist advise which is profit margin and relationship with the company.
I've recently been trying to observe in order to understand  consumer behavior tendency about vitamin/ food supplement selection.
How did I do this ? When I visited a pharmacy I've tried to stay as long as possible by prolonging a chat with pharmacy workers. 
There during my stay I've been eyewitness regarding consumer and pharmacist behaviors/ attitudes.I've heard about their health complaints and answers of pharmacists.
     ''Man 60-65 years of age ;I have broken nails problem and I wonder what should I do for softening my foot  nails to cut and enhance their vitality..''

·         ''Women 55-60:I feel continous tiredness .Therefore I've used couple of brand which I've learned from my friends but they did not work out on me well.What else could you advise me to help me for feeling powerfull and I avoid myself from cancer like diseases.?''

·        '' I've been using an antibotic X for upper chest track infections but I need to continue cause the symptoms are yet to continue.What antibiotic works on me well so I require from my family practitioner.?''
·         ......
Imagine such question are quite many and familiar for us.They are related to cosmetic concerns to serious health condition.
In a pharmacy,  there is an intensive traffic and  a regular pharmacy workload.Which  does not enable the pharmacist for  to allocate sufficient time for each an every customer. Therefore employees of the pharmacies are taken role as  in charge of  adviser position .
Usually the opinions they share are in accordance to what  they have  been trained  or asked for  to do by the pharmacist
This frame is not realy accommodate a solid and trustworthy  relationship or an  engagement for consumers. Here there I observed is a big market gap for today's patients/customers thus pharmacist along with vitamin /supplement companies .

Consequently I've decided to share my observations regarding Turkish market in case a sector professional would like take my notes into their consideration for sake of their business success.   

In Turkish Pharmaceutical market ;there are ; 

  • pharmacy reps, 
  • trade managers,
  • rental employees 
   as to be responsible for certain group of products in favor their company.
However I've not heard and seen any new position to fullfill the mentioned gap.

I thought  a new position maybe considered to close the gap  with a new job definition as  healthcare adviser whom  could be assigned to take care of daily health concern of the consumers, at pharmacy level.  
Based on my humble experience in the sector  which  I am sure anybody who reads my lines will have questions as like

  1. ·         Cost of per employee !!??
  2. ·         What will be contribution to our product portfolio?
  3. ·         How about our goals to survive per quarter?
  4. ·         Human resource measure for such employee? Accountability ?
  5. ·         KPI ?
·         ....................................................... ????
 I assume a company which have desire to close the gap and finds out a better strategy /solution will benefit it.
I'll be delighted to know that if my observations and future assumptions help your business toward more contribution on growth and profitability.

Yours sincerely

Kaan Suher 


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