Mode of Suspicious about Physicians

There were small  but precious excitements and joys before the internet.
Reaching out to every tiny mini dusty corner of the planet in order to get to know  whatever you'd like to wish to know is possible
People used to visit GP for their health concerns or complaint without being an expert of the medicine.
They used to listen the physicians in an humble mood and though they relieved afterward due to human touch.Such soft interaction in between could help both side to feel great without any medication applied.
However we all now believing minor exemption touching available smart phones or tablets screen through search engines and trying to know the symptoms related to diseases. 
Huhh this is not only limited with knowing about the disease which we immediately diagnose and seek for treatment options.Following these steps now we are ready to consult the physician approach along with his/her treatment modality.
Although long education years and long days of clinic experiences of a physician we tend to become suspicious about physician.Challenging his/her knowledge which we think will make the physician more careful while deciding about our treatment options.
My father who is eighty three is one these monstrous type of patient for the physicians.Cause he regularly goes for check ups for minor to major health concerns and as he comes back to home immediately punch his lap-top for searching the things his physicians told him.
He is not also satisfy with the amount of information he has gathered and he applies to couple of his friend (those are physicians and pharmacist) opinion for double check.Thus he then search some other sources like ''pinterest'' as if there other cures and disease info's.Yet there is other source available like me to ask for accordingly.
Are you acquainted with such behaviors and attitudes ? I guess yes ! Not only my father but many of you I assume  nodding and accepting the truth that the way we act.
So we need to answer ourselves; why have we become suspicious about a profession ability so far? 
Are you questioning the ability and knowledge of an accountant by searching through internet ? 
Or are you questioning the restaurant you're loyal customer about their kitchen's hygiene and the products used for cooking ?
 Are you connoisseur of the wine that you choose  without knowing how much sulfur does it contains ?
 How do you make sure about to veggies you usually buy from the groceries ?Have you ever conduct a search about where is your lettuce origin or the fertilizer used to harvest ? 
How many of us sit and make a intensive research on the cloud before we go to shopping in accordance to our nutritional need.
Why did I want to highlight  our interesting behavior & attitudes now ? Cause I've been in an effort to confirm my observation by questioning myself and close relation along with the people where visiting healthcare facilities.
Until recently with the increasing interference of the internet in our life we were maybe ignorant but we were not so suspicious about the profession which deserve respect.
Thanks to digital era and developments but we should never forget that we are homo sapiens reached to the point with each other support.
Take care each other and respect more

So long .
By the way I love my father and I'll always 



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